About Us

 In 2009, the Grade 8 FACTS (For Academically Creative and Talented Students) Class, at MRSS, decided to renew this tradition that had been long lost in Maple Ridge.  This event is organized with the hope of bringing our community together by having families working together to make a cart to race.  Once a cart is made, any number of participants from the family may race the same car once registered.   

Information about the Creators of 

FACTS (For Academically Creative and Talented Students) was a class built for creative grade eight students. In 2009, we decided to make a big project that would benefit the community and has become what we now call Ka-Vroom.  

Comments from the MRSS FACTS Class 2009/2010:

I love going fast. It's all about having fun. In the organization I was in charge of the petition. This is going to be great!
-Bianca Bullet

As a potential racer, I live for the speed and the wind in my face. The organization of this event was fun, but it took a lot of time! I know this is everything we have imagined and more!
-Sophia Furdenfinkle

Sebastian Ricky Bobby loves racing, he was born for speed. He lives in the fast lane, and likes to make little children eat his dust on the track!
-Sebastian Ricky Bobby

As a racer I love the speed and the exhiliration of winning. The process of the whole race was really fun and now after all our success, I know that other kids will look up to us and want to succeed.
-Eva Biskotti

Jenna Oilspill is the designer of the Pit Crew T-shirts. She lives for the thrill of owning up little kids on the race track. Her signature move is bailing out of the kart at any given time. 
                                                                                                                                                                                   -Jenna Oilspill

Chantelle Poppins: T-shirt designer extraordinare! I know Ka-Vroom will be magnificent because we've worked so hard on it!
PS: I don't like squid! Haha!
-Chantelle Poppins

Kiana Tortoise: co-creator of our website! I'll be the one at the back of the race, until the last minute, when I race to the finish and beat the hare!
-Kiana Tortoise

I've worked hard and had fun participating in the planning of Ka-Vroom. My job was to get elementary kids to sign up for our event. All you kids that signed up, the only thing you'll be eating at Ka-Vroom is my DUST!
-Brandon Zoom

The excitement for this event has been overwhelming! The wind has been in my face the whole time! With the challenge of creating the website, the entire organization of Ka-Vroom has been rolling down the fast lane!
-Nic Indianna

Hey everybody! This is going to be an amazing race! I was in charge of writing the letters to actual firepeople! I love the speed and adrenaline of racing, and my converse shoes helps me go speedy fast. Look for me and my converse shoes at Ka-Vroom!
-Brianna Bolt

I had the amazing opportunity to send letters to the paramedics of Maple Ridge! I am in charge of insuring your childrens safety. THANK ME!
-Michaela Mariokart

I participated in designing the website you're on right now! The exhiliration has been non-stop the entire time. Don't even bother looking for me, because I will already be at the finish line!
-Emilee Speeds

We are in for a good competition! But when it comes down to it, I know i'll breeze right by!
-Julia Jaguar

Robert Cougarkart likes to design and build projects out of wood and metal, and building karts to see how fast they'll go. He is also crazy with oversized wheels and jumps.
-Robert Cougarkart

Laura is an energetic young woman with a need for speed! She loves to race and is very hyper. Her cousin is a professional racer, which is perhaps the reason why. She often imagines that she is a cat, running faster than anything, with her paws on fire. Her job was participating in organizing the Pit Crew T-shirt designs and working with the cart designs.
-Laura Supi-Do

Jenna Gonzalus is a hard working SPEEDY CART RACER! This organization was a blast! It will be amazing!
-Jenna Gonzalus